Butler Business Park is starting to take shape as you can see in these recent photos from the construction site:

Hyde Development broke ground July 13 on a new business park in Fargo, N.D.

Minneapolis-based Hyde, led by principal Paul Hyde, is negotiating with at least five prospective tenants but hasn't announced any deals for the first phase of the 15-acre Butler Business Park, according to the Fargo Forum.

Phase one is a 65,000-square-foot building at the intersection of Interstate 29 and Main Ave. that's under construction. In the spring, Hyde plans to start construction of a 125,000-s...

FARGO – Demolition and site preparation is underway to create Butler Business Park on a 15-acre former site of Butler Machinery at the southeast corner of Interstate 29 and Main Avenue.

The two-year, $18 million project by Minneapolis-based Hyde Development will create 190,000 square feet of new, energy-efficient warehouse and office space, said Paul Hyde, founder and partner of the firm.

The project "will clean up the front door" for Fargo, Hyde said Friday.

Groundbreaking was held l...

FARGO (KFGO-AM) - Minneapolis developer Paul Hyde says it's "full speed ahead" on the major redevelopment of an old industrial site in Fargo. Hyde says his company expects to start work the first week of July on the 15 acres, the former site of Butler Machinery. The property is located at the southeast corner of I-29 and Main Avenue.  Hyde's been in Fargo wrapping up final details.

The project was delayed until plans could be worked out to control run-off. That problem has been...

The best downtowns consistently change as our lifestyles, priorities and work patterns evolve.

For decades in the U.S., our downtowns were places where we worked. We would drive in during the morning rush hour and drive back out during the evening rush hour. Suburban malls had drained our downtown cores and our Main Streets of retail and department stores. We had essentially sucked all the people out of downtown.

Thankfully, that's changing in cites big and small as downtowns are aga...

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA-MINNESOTA, improved two positions to finish first among the best-performing small cities. The metro has outpaced the national average in both job and income gains, most notably in the five years ending in 2013. The metro’s diverse economy, along with its ability to capitalize on North Dakota’s historic oil boom, has been key to its recent success.

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Hyde Development will receive $2.2 million in subsidies to assist with constructing a new business park in Fargo, N.D.

Minneapolis-based Hyde pitched the $18 million Butler Business Park in Mayfor an area near the intersection of Main Avenue and Interstate 29.

The deal, which involved cleaning up contaminated land and removing five structures, was contingent on a $2.2 million tax increment financing package. The package was approved Monday, according to the Fargo Forum.

The park...

FARGO (KFGO-AM) - A Minneapolis company with a long history of developing "in-fill" projects on old industrial sites has found more issues than expected with a blighted property in Fargo that it wants to turn into the Butler Business Park.

Hyde Development wants to build four huge, state-of-the-art commercial buildings on the southeast corner of I-29 and Main Avenue.

Spokesman Paul Hyde says solving water and drainage issues on the 15 acre property has raised the project's estimated...

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